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Verdi Cancer and Research Center of Michigan delivers best-in-class medical oncology care along with cutting edge treatments driven by a commitment to patient-centered, value-based care. Committed to delivering control to patients by educating them about their disease and options, the entire team at Verdi Cancer and Research Center of Michigan provides their patients with comprehensive and personalized oncology care.

Our providers are known for their excellence in oncology practice as well as exhibiting a delicate atmosphere of trust and concern. Our patients at Verdi Cancer & Research Center of Michigan are our number one priority. We offer a comprehensive package of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options, and cutting edge treatments all with a personal, reliable touch.

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We’ve taken the steps necessary to offer access to world-class clinical trials to those in our community. Learn more about Clinical Trials and see if they are right for you.

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We are committed to finding the best medical solution for each of our patients. By focusing on the patient, not just the disease, we can deliver a complete understanding of treatment options–returning control to the person.

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